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Book Excerpt: How to Successfully Market Your Mobile App

What do I need to consider for a successful external marketing campaign?

If your app is heading to the Apple App Store, Google Play, or other app deployment site, you will want to put significant time and effort into making sure your target market is aware of its presence. Gone are the days when simply putting an app in the store means it will be seen by the masses. The app market is so saturated it is imperative to implement solid marketing strategies to get the word out about why your app stands above the rest.

Within external marketing there are a few other things to think about. When your app is published, will you be employing a push or pull marketing strategy? In other words, do you want people to go to the app store knowing exactly what they are looking for, or will you rely on people stumbling upon your product and trying it out? Sometimes both are appropriate.

Either way, traditional marketing concepts apply.

social media

Know Your Target Market

Users of your app should be a key consideration throughout the design and development process, and should continue to be as you deploy. Your audience defines the construction of your message and the most effective channel.

Develop a Well Thought Out Marketing Plan

You have spent valuable time and resources developing your app, now is not the time to start winging it. Go into the process with a clearly defined plan for how you will reach your market and introduce them to your revolutionary app.

Important tactics to employ:

  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Blog posts
  • Participate in other blog conversations and comment on those posts
  • Email marketing to your customer database
  • Direct mail: Depending on the tech savviness of your audience, this tactic may still have value. For instance, if you are trying to compel a large paper-based audience to go mobile you may need to start with some good old-fashioned direct mail correspondence to get their attention.
  • Event marketing: Is your app connected to a particular industry? Know the key events and establish a presence there for your app.

Take advantage of any opportunity where you can get the attention of your market and make sure they are consuming your app. Also consider how promotions might impact the launch of your app. Developing buzz around the app’s launch can be incredibly beneficial. Make your app something people can’t wait to get. Possibly “leak” a few free copies out to key media outlets before the app is officially available to elicit write-ups that help increase the demand before the product has even officially launched.

Keep Your Messaging Strategy Clear and Focused

Once you know who you are talking to and how you will reach them, it is essential to determine what you are going to say. List the features of your app and define which give your app a competitive advantage. Use these differentiating value propositions to define a clear message about your app. This practice will help you to develop your app’s brand, give it life, and build momentum.



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