Why We Love Boulder Startup Week

It’s Boulder Startup Week and the team at InspiringApps thrives on the energy that Boulder is infused with during these crazy days! We had the privilege to co-host an event with Ryan Angilly of Signal Genius last night and it was a huge success. Over 100 attendees stopped by to meet new people and share their success stories about moving to Boulder. We had visitors who had only been in Boulder for 2 hours and Boulderite veterans who have enjoyed this strong community for over 25 years.

Then the team headed over to Ignite—one of the few places you can get a crash course on RFID tags, funny ven diagrams, and mental disorders all in a matter of hours—for some enlightenment. All in all, a great start to a great week. Thanks to the Boulder Startup Week team and Ignite volunteers for making it happen!

There are more exciting events to come! Check out the schedule and join in on the fun. Improve your visual thinking later today at our Win, Lose or Draw Something competition.



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