Mobile Sales Enablement and the iPad—A Perfect Marriage

Businesses today are faced with the challenge of providing innovative tools to their sales teams in an ever-transforming mobile world. Read “Mobile Sales Enablement and the iPad—A Perfect Marriage” an article recently published in iBusiness Magazine by Cole Sandau, Managing Director of The Optera Group, and begin to leverage the mobile environment with your sales team.

“The business world has changed remarkably over the past
ten years. World markets have converged, technology advances
push innovation and financial pressures change both
our short and long term outlooks on success. All of these
changes have transformed how we conduct business and
how customers expect us to interact with them. Simply, we
need to be more dynamic to keep up and stay ahead.”

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Replacing your MobileMe Gallery

Bye, Bye MobileMe Gallery

If you use MobileMe, then you should know by now that the Gallery functionality is being deprecated by Apple in June of this year. If you’re like me, this is un-welcome news. I thought publishing family photos to a web gallery directly from iPhoto was super easy and convenient enough that I actually shared [a lot of] photos with the family. And I thought that a foundation as solid as Apple was reliable enough to bank on. I thought I heard that Apple has more money in the bank than the US? Despite that, MobileMe is dead (to be partially phoenix-ed as iCloud of course):

In my research to find a gallery replacement, I looked at several contenders, but it came down to just two: Flickr vs. SmugMug.

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Here’s To The Artists!

It was almost exactly 14 years ago when I learned of the death of someone who had a surprisingly profound impact on my life. I was sitting in a dimly-lit cubical in downtown Denver, employed by one of the “Big 6” consulting firms, working for a large telco client. I had a client-issued Pentium desktop, connected to the company mainframe that allowed me to complete my assigned COBOL programming tasks. Sigh. Risking the wrath of both the client and my employer, I read the news that morning of the death of John Denver on my personal (color!) Apple PowerBook laptop, that sat next to the Pentium in case I needed to get some “real” work done.

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Zoll and The PCR for iPad App

When we first started showing PCR (patient care report) for iPad to EMS and Fire crew at trade shows last fall we knew we were on to something. We had already seen how people reacted with fascinated enthusiasm when an iPad was placed in their hands. When it was presented in a real world business application where people who had to move swiftly were used to dealing with clunky computers, slow programs or, egad, paper forms, the reaction was astounding.
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iPad Apps Approval Process

No one can deny the buzz and enthusiasm surrounding the recent iPad announcement. The sentiment is shared among many developers and consumers alike. But Apple could face a sizable challenge around launch time.

By the time the iPhone SDK was opened to developers, there were already millions of devices in the market. Developers were encouraged to test on hardware (iPhone and iPod Touch) before submitting to the App Store, instead of relying on Read More

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