Matt Drance Prepares for WWDC 2010: Perspective From The Apple Outsider

Matt Drance is a former Technologies Evangelist at Apple. Since his departure, Matt has started Bookhouse Software, an independent iPhone consulting company, and has partnered with Daniel Steinberg to teach at The Pragmatic Studio. He is also the voice of the Apple Outsider blog. Matt shares a few insights as he gets ready for his first WWDC as an attendee.

IA: As you prepare for WWDC, what are you doing differently this year
as an Apple Outsider? Any particular strategies for navigating this massive event?MD: I’m thrilled to concentrate on which sessions I personally want to attend. So much goes into planning WWDC that you miss out on the event itself. And the nightlife is just as big a deal as the conference.

IA: What was it like to receive your “attendee” badge from Apple?
MD: Wonderfully surreal. I still have every one of my WWDC badges. This one will probably be the most special.

IA: There has been a lot of speculation on what will be unveiled June 7. New version of Safari? Apple TV? New Mac Pro? iPhone OS 4.0 functionality? What do you hope will be announced?
MD: I try not to comment on rumors, but as a developer I look forward to hearing Apple’s plans for avoiding fragmentation between old and new iPhones, and iPad. It’s a tough problem to solve.

IA: Does The Pragmatic Studio have a developers wish list for WWDC?
MD: I’m confident there will be more than enough for us to keep the training material fresh. (Our next beginner course is July 20-23 in Rest)

IA: Have any little birds “tweeted” in your ear about what to expect next week?
MD: Certainly not. I’m an Outsider now :-)

IA: Do you have any advice for your successor, Bill Dudney?
MD: I gave him plenty long before he took the job :-) I’ll just say that Bill was the first person on my list when I left, and I’m sure he is doing great. Both Apple and the developer community are lucky to have him in that role.

IA: On a lighter note, you alluded to alcohol consumption in reference to WWDC in a recent tweet. Is this typical preparation? (@drance I don’t actually want a drink tonight, but there’s a regimen to be kept. #wwdc)
MD: As I said above, WWDC is as much about the camaraderie as it is about the content. There will inevitably be a few beverages along the way. I just want to make sure I don’t turn in early.

IA: Thank you for your time, we really appreciate it. Hope you enjoy WWDC as an “Apple Outsider.”
MD: I’m sure I will!



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