Team Member Profile: Christy Brouker, Project Manager

This month we are profiling Christy Brouker, one of our project managers. Christy joined InspiringApps in April of 2012. She was born in Saudi Arabia and lived in New Jersey and Wisconsin before moving to Oregon with her family when she was seven. Christy studied sociology and Spanish in Oregon before coming to Colorado in 2006 for an internship with Women’s Adventure Magazine.

Christy hasn’t had trouble finding things to love about Boulder. “I really like all the outdoor pursuits and activities – it’s nice to be in a place where everyone’s doing everything,” she explained. “I like that it’s a college town so it feels worldly, but it’s not too big. And it’s close to Denver, so if you need anything you can go there quickly.”

After her internship with Women’s Adventure Magazine, Christy did more internships thinking she wanted to go into the editorial world. However, working for a publication called Home and Abroad allowed her to blend writing and software, and Christy realized how much she enjoyed technology – which eventually led to her role as a project manager.

At InspiringApps, Christy revels in the balance between working with clients and developers. “Here, we combine project and account management,” she said. “I spend a lot of time working with clients and making sure their vision is carried out throughout the project. I also work with the developers here to give them clear directives on the project and allow them to have some input about how the project turns out.”

Christy said the variety of tasks she does on a daily basis helps her succeed as a project manager: “I like working with different people and having a diverse group of clients. We build apps for so many kinds of companies and organizations… I especially enjoy working on mobile project management – it’s on the cutting edge; people are really excited about apps and the emerging technologies that come with it.”

Outside the office, Christy enjoys spending time with her husband, Matthew, and their golden retriever, Winston. She also likes to bake. “I end up doing a lot of fancy desserts for people’s birthdays – cakes or pies or tarts,” she said. “I have a couple of really great cookbooks but otherwise I just search online.”  Christy has been a lifelong runner and enjoys getting outside: “I used to run competitively, so I’ll enter races, but I have no intention of winning or anything. I like to beat my times if I can.”



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