Mobile Sales Enablement and the iPad—A Perfect Marriage

Businesses today are faced with the challenge of providing innovative tools to their sales teams in an ever-transforming mobile world. Read “Mobile Sales Enablement and the iPad—A Perfect Marriage” an article recently published in iBusiness Magazine by Cole Sandau, Managing Director of The Optera Group, and begin to leverage the mobile environment with your sales team.

“The business world has changed remarkably over the past
ten years. World markets have converged, technology advances
push innovation and financial pressures change both
our short and long term outlooks on success. All of these
changes have transformed how we conduct business and
how customers expect us to interact with them. Simply, we
need to be more dynamic to keep up and stay ahead.”

…read the article in its entirety here.

Our partner, the Optera Group, is a market strategy and consulting firm. The Optera Group helps clients understand their customer needs and improve the overall effectiveness of their business models.



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