App Development Buzzwords

Decoding Software Development Buzzwords

Software developers have their fair share of development buzzwords, lingo, slang, and jargon. Walking into a developer’s office can sometimes feel like stepping off the plane in a new country. You think you know which direction you are going but can’t read the signs because your phrasebook is still packed in your suitcase. We hope this post helps to decode some of those development buzzwords and provides you with a basic understanding of common software development terms. Read More

The IA Way

InspiringApps believes that the key to a successful software project is to listen to your business goals and the needs of your users—both spoken and unspoken—to recommend a solution that not only meets the short-term target but also looks to the long-term benefit. We aren’t “process-heavy” but we have learned a few tricks over the years that consistently delight our customers.

Whether we work together in a more agile way on a time and materials basis, or if you need a fixed bid for planning sake, we recommend this general path for your project. And since every project is different, we’re not stuck on one methodology. It is in our best interest to serve the project in your best interest.

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