Top Tech Disruption Timeline

Top 10 Tech Disruptions over the Past 10 Years

A disruptive technology could be defined as one that displaces an established technology, thereby shaking up an industry and reshaping the trajectory of its future. It could also be a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry. Technology is changing at such a rapid pace that we have seen a significant number of tech disruptions in a relatively short time. In honor of our ten-year anniversary as a company (today!!), we thought we would take a look back over the past ten years and highlight those technologies that have had – and continue to have – significant impact on the way we live, work, and play. Read More

Privacy in the Digital Age

Personal Privacy in the Digital Age

Personal privacy has become a complex topic in the digital age, with reverberations in every sphere of life from government and politics to healthcare and commerce. People spend an incredible amount of time online, and in doing so, generate the ability for others to learn a significant amount about them by tracking their digital activity and communications.

Such tracking occurs in spades, by everyone from our online service providers to shopping sites, news providers, and social media outlets. These organizations gather volumes of personal information behind the scenes, capturing our internet search terms, purchasing habits, and even IP location.

Beyond this data tracking that we don’t often consciously note, we are regularly prompted to provide personal information to execute transactions, browse certain sites, or share online. We ourselves even choose to add to this volume of digital information by proactively sharing our pictures, videos, and personal stories on a range of social media sites. Read More

Layout and Responsive Design with Twitter Bootstrap

Some of you may have noticed some websites look great on any device. You visit a website on your desktop computer, enjoy using their services, and then leave your desk for the day. Later while you’re out moving around, you remember you need to update your account on your favorite website. You only have your phone with you, but you decide to give it a shot. Lucky enough, the website you enjoyed on your desktop has magically transformed into something that feels comfortable to use on your phone. All of the same features are there, along with the site’s look and feel. It’s an easy transition between devices, and since it’s the same site, you spend hardly any time at all figuring out how to update your account with your phone. (For an example, check out our website, on any device or just by resizing your browser window.)

Now you want that same easy device transition for your websites. Today I’ll talk about how to do just that. If you want to do everything by hand, you can do everything manually, but there is a great front-end framework that has everything you need built in: Twitter Bootstrap. If you need an introduction to Twitter Bootstrap, check out my introductory post, “First Impressions of Twitter Bootstrap.”

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First Impressions of Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 was released a couple of weeks ago, and while we haven’t used it in any of our projects yet, it’s something that’s been very interesting for our team. We’re still experimenting with it and learning new things every day. Here’s what we know so far.

Twitter Bootstrap is a “front-end toolkit” helping developers with their HTML, CSS, and JS work. As we’ve been playing with the toolkit and reading it’s docs, we’ve noticed two levels of developers that would use Bootstrap: the beginner front-end developer looking to learn about best practices and the senior experienced front-end developer that’s tired of writing the same code with each project.

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SXSW: Making Sense of it All

Looking back at SXSW, I found the most success in the least expected places. The panels that I was least excited about ended up impressing me the most. They were not the most highly attended or flashy, but they were spoken from one start-up to another.
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SXSW: Old Spice and Everything Nice – First Impressions from

In the past 48 hours, I learned more than I did in my entire college career. Well, maybe not more. But close.

I’d been told that SXSW was huge, but I never expected everything to be so crowded. Three of the panels I wanted to sit in on the first day were sold out. Luckily, there were easily 4 other interesting options going on at the same time. I’m trying to take in as much as I can and have been furiously taking notes on my iPad. Although I think Read More

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