Why the iPhone/iPad are Important to CRM


Paul McCrosson is a former Apple employee and current IA BizDev guy.

“What’s your business? Doesn’t matter, really. If you’re in business, you have customers—people you have relationships with. And how well you manage those relationships—solicit, acquire, develop, serve & delight—largely determines the success of your business. Enter CRM. A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can handle all customer interfaces: sales force automation (pipeline management, support escalation and resolution, and integration with social media tools. Of these, most folks only need a subset while they’re on the go, and what that subset is depends on their business.

So what do the iPhone and the iPad have to do with this?  Never before have devices packed so much power into something that can so easily be carried everywhere. The few shortcomings that exist on the iPhone are remedied by the iPad; and while you would need impossibly large pockets to carry it around like the iPhone, it comes with the ability to access the many features of a good CRM app.

The best apps will give you access to your data even when you’re not connected. So now you can carry around your contacts and manage your schedule even when you’re unable to get online. And changes you make on your iPhone will sync over to your CRM system when you do connect. Take orders in the field, accept payments, and alert suppliers to fulfill the orders.  Provide a quote or answer customer questions. Mobile access allows you to respond to customer inquiries more quickly, without having to wait until you get back to your ‘computer.’

Laptops are mobile, but let’s face it, you’d leave it behind if you could. With full mobile access to your CRM system, you’ll be in the best position to take care of your customers, and manage those relationships that are critical to the success of your business.”



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